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Saturday, 24 March 2018
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Cerca stole my car in Ascoltare (Canzoni) (25)

Some Bugger Stole My Car Some Bugger Stole My Car
flashbacks to 2006. Having a little fun with my whanau in Hawaii. Took us about 1/2 hour to film and another hour to edit hence why its soo raw lol haven't actually seen this since i posted...

"stole My Car" - Omc Spoof
Parody of the 1996 OMC Song "How Bizzare"

Stole My Car Stole My Car
a 'video essay' from the Waikato Polytech GamesLab.

Stole My Car Stole My Car
A parody of How Bizzare by OMC. Created by Dene Young in 1996 who at the time worked on Rotorua's Rock 99FM.

Stole My Car Vs How Bizarre Stole My Car Vs How Bizarre
How Bizarre vs Stole My Car. Original videos freely obtain from You Tube. Mixed together and re-uploaded to You Tube.


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